Princeton University Orchestra 2017-2018 Audition Materials

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Dear Tutti,

For your audition, please bring a prepared work of 5 minutes or less. Ideally you should offer some contrast—lyrical/technical.

Additionally, please bring these excerpts to your audition and be prepared to play them in as polished a manner as you can. There is a cover page with tempo indications. A different format this time, with the whole page included and the excerpt set off by brackets.

For the excerpts, we will be looking for expression and attention to detail. Things like dynamics matter!

You can download PDF files of the audition excerpts here. (Note: the file preview might be slow to load past the first page, but when you click the button to download or print you should get all the pages. If you’re worried, just check that the PDF includes the excerpts listed below)

Three recordings are recommended for your reference. The first two can be found in the Naxos Music Library, available through the Mendel Music Library website w/ your Princeton ID and password (link is in the upper right corner on the opening page).

Mahler- Symphony No. 1 – Haitink, Chicago Symphony

Strauss – Till Eulenspigel – Nelson, City of Birmingham Orchestra

For William Tell, a YouTube link:

Arturo Toscanini (at age 85) and the NBC Symphony, in the most astounding William Tell Overture ever.

Thanks and good luck!

Michael Pratt
Ruth Ochs