Audition Results

September 18, 2018

Dear Princeton Musicians,

Thank you all for coming out and auditioning for us this past week.  We heard more auditions than ever, and are quite certain that the level of playing was higher than ever.  Where possible, we squeezed in as many musicians into PUO and Sinfonia as we could.  In some cases, we had to make some very tough decisions.  We are constantly trying to create as many opportunities for all Princeton students who want to make music.

Members of PUO should come to Lee Rehearsal Hall on Wednesday, September 19, 4:30pm for a first meeting, followed by rehearsal of the Berlioz.  Berlioz seating will be posted by Wednesday morning.  Bernstein and Séjourné seatings will follow.

The first rehearsal for Sinfonia will be Thursday, September 20 at 8pm in Lee Rehearsal Hall.

We look forward to a wonderful year of music making!


Michael Pratt and Ruth Ochs



Below are the audition lists.

PUO Audition Results

Sinfonia Audition Results