Time of year

April 7 General review was the order of things today, touching on spots throughout the symphony. Some of it sounds good. Some of it ain’t there yet. OK, here’s the moment that always happens every year around this time. A rehearsal comes when there are more than just the little pockets of empty chairs, but […]

Finding the love

April 5 More sectional work, this time the woodwinds. As noted earlier, Mahler wrote for a large woodwind section, about the size that Wagner used for his Ring orchestra. Then writing for this large section is colorful and complex, and there are no  secondary parts. Even the third and fourth wind parts have exposed moments—nobdy […]

The hard stuff

April 2 We went right at the teeth of the hardest music in the symphony, the last three minutes of the 2nd movement, and the delicate passages in the third. Big and loud is always, always many times easier than soft and delicate. And when (as in the second movement) soft and delicate is comes with […]