Audition Results

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Our thanks and admiration for all who want music in their lives bad enough to go through an audition. As tiring as it is for us, it’s at the same time restorative to see old faces and greet new ones. You’re an amazing bunch! As always, there were tough calls, and we are sorry for the disappointment that always results.

Noticeable of course, is the jumbo size of some of the PUO sections. That means parts will be spread thinner. But at the same time, we think time has come to apply a better solution and that is more playing opportunities at PUO level. We’re announcing the start of a smaller ensemble, whose working title is Ensemble Millennial. It will rehearse once a week on weekends, and play one concert per semester. The total amount of rehearsal time, together with PUO, should not exceed the usual three times a week.

PUO: first meeting is Monday, September 16, 4:30pm in Lee Rehearsal Room. NO INSTRUMENTS — just talk about plans, policies. We play Brahms on Wednesday.

SINFONIA: first meeting is Monday, September 16, 8:00pm in Lee Rehearsal Room. BRING INSTRUMENTS.

IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR ALL: if you wish to take lessons, there is an app form you must fill out by 5:00 today. No exceptions. See

Thanks again to all.
Michael Pratt & Ruth Ochs

PUO Audition Results
Sinfonia Audition Results