Audition Results

September 11, 2022

Dear Princeton Orchestral Musicians,

Herewith find the PUO and Sinfonia lists! What an amazingly talented group of musicians arrived at the audition door this year. We were deeply impressed by all your hard work and rich backgrounds of musical experience.

Fabulous opportunities lie ahead for you at Princeton. While there were hard decisions to make, we hope you know that we will look out for each of you, and we are confident that everybody will be able to grow and be part of a supportive musical community.

Michael Pratt and Ruth Ochs

PUO: Introductory meeting (without instruments) in Lee Rehearsal Room 4:30 – 5:30pm, Monday September 12.

Sinfonia: Introductory meeting and short rehearsal (bring your instrument) in Lee Rehearsal @8pm, Monday September 12.

You will find more information about requesting a locker and music lessons here:

Thank you!

PUO Audition Results
Sinfonia Audition Results

Note: apologies in advance for any spelling errors — we will do our best to get them fixed before your names go in the books!