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4 November 2015, Fall break. And the first entry on this blog since August (bad Michael!). PUO members have gone through auditions and have put in a full concert cycle. Those few words cover a lot of ground, so I’d like to look back over the last seven weeks to offer some thoughts to our […]


This entry is by way of answering some not-infrequent questions from audience members about how the orchestra is assembled. You’ll see on the website some links to information about upcoming auditions. I make all returning members re-audition, along with, of course, the new students. Thus PUO starts from a zero base every year. As it says […]


Our season has been announced, and I invite readers to look under the “Concerts” link on this website. I always write a lengthy email to returning members about the season and why I picked what I picked, which I’ll excerpt for this blog below. The previous spring I do an informal poll of members, asking […]


We arrived today before sunrise at the intimate and friendly Shannon Airport after a splendidly smooth trip from Newark. That phrase (“smooth trip”), when applied to an entire orchestra + instruments, is actually a description of a  minor miracle. Moving a large (100 members) symphony orchestra- musicians, smaller instruments carried on, large instruments in flight […]