The Princeton University Orchestra (PUO) is the flagship symphony orchestra of Princeton University and is one of the most prestigious and highly-acclaimed collegiate orchestras in the country. At over one hundred and twenty undergraduate-musicians strong, we hold eight annual performances in Alexander Hall and tour internationally every other year. Since 1977, Maestro Michael J. Pratt has served as the Music Director for our ensemble. The upcoming 2021/22 season will mark Michael Pratt’s 44th year with PUO.

On this website, you can find information about our current season, as well as an archive of our past concerts, a listing of our current membership, links to performance media, and more! If the Princeton University Orchestra has made a positive impact on your life, please consider supporting the orchestra and helping us further our mission!


Auditions for this year have concluded, and the results are now available here.

Wind Instrument Masking Details:

From https://www.musicprincetoninfohub.com/covid-policies

ASTM Level 3 masks, instrument bell covers, and puppy pads for singing and breath-based music-making

ASTM Level 3 masks, instrument bell covers, and puppy pads are currently being provided by the Music Department for all singing and breath-based music-making in classes, studio lessons, and faculty-led department ensemble rehearsals. Students can pick up masks, instrument bell covers, and puppy pads in advance of their ensemble auditions from the desk on the 2nd floor landing of Effron Music Building. 

How should ASTM Level 3 masks be worn for playing wooodwind and brass instruments?

An ASTM Level 3 mask should be worn with a small slit cut into it to accommodate the mouthpiece. A second cloth mask can also be worn and pulled up and down to cover the mask opening during moments when you are not playing. Flute players should place the headjoint in between the mouth and mask, with the flute sticking out the side of the mask.

Are instrument bell covers reusable?

Yes, instrument bell covers are reusable. The MERV 13 filter inserts should be replaced after 2-3 months and will be provided by the Music Department. 

What are puppy pads for?

Puppy pads should be placed on the floor and used for emptying brass instrument spit valves. Please dispose of puppy pads in the nearest trash can after use.

Visit out our YouTube Channel for high quality videos our past performances.

We were named one of the top 20 college orchestras in the country!