In about a week the powerful engine that is the Princeton University academic year will start purring, as it always has. But for all who work in the performing arts at Princeton, this one is different. September 2017 will be forever a watershed moment, with the opening of the dazzling and intricate network of spaces […]


4 November 2015, Fall break. And the first entry on this blog since August (bad Michael!). PUO members have gone through auditions and have put in a full concert cycle. Those few words cover a lot of ground, so I’d like to look back over the last seven weeks to offer some thoughts to our […]


This entry is by way of answering some not-infrequent questions from audience members about how the orchestra is assembled. You’ll see on the website some links to information about upcoming auditions. I make all returning members re-audition, along with, of course, the new students. Thus PUO starts from a zero base every year. As it says […]