Rehearsal Schedule

Note: An email from the conductor always takes precedence over what you see on this calendar. This is intended as a helpful reference, but not as the single source of truth about rehearsal times.
Also note that orchestra rehearsals are not open to the public.

How to use the calendar with another program

The orchestra has a google calendar with the current rehearsal schedule. It is possible to add this calendar to virtually any program you use on your computer or phone.
If you already use google calendar, just follow these steps:
1. Open up
2. On the left side, click on the arrow next to “Other Calendars,” and click “Add by URL.”
3. Paste the following URL into that box: (

For other calendar programs, you may have to search online to find out how to use the calendar with your program.

Embedded calendar

It is likely more convenient to add the calendar to a program you already use. However, as a backup you can view a copy of the calendar below: