Saturday Night

The cover title of this blog come from a metaphor about summer that I first heard from my colleague Scott Burnham. Summer is just a long weekend, with June being Friday, July Saturday and August Sunday. Today being the 29th of July, I think it safe to say that it’s Saturday night, and when we wake up on August 1, we’ll still have a whole delicious day in front of us– but Monday morning now waits!

In preparing for the new season every year, Sunday always seems to get an early start, and I thought I’d write a little about those preparations. If you’re a PUO audience member (thank you if you are!) you might enjoy having the curtain parted a bit to see the weeks-long upbeat to the downbeat on the first concert on October 23rd. Putting together a new orchestra every year is quite a task– a lot of details, but nevertheless rewarding.

But first, in the following posts, a sad task of noting the passing of two wonderful musicians who made such a difference to PUO in their time: Lynne Haggard Rumney ’90 and the celebrated Czech pianist Ivan Moravec.